5 Proven Ways To Build Resilience In Your Child

Raising Children With Sensory Differences

As parents, we can often find ourselves extremely frustrated at our child’s challenging behavior.

This is particularly true when we are raising children with sensory differences or issues.

Here are some signs your child might have sensory differences:

* Overly sensitive to sensory stimulation (noise, smells, tastes), & is easily distracted by this.

* Picky eater, & major adversions to certain foods.

* Has trouble falling asleep & staying asleep.

* Extremely irritated by getting dressed & sensitive to the fabric of clothes.

* Difficulty shifting focus or transitioning from one activity to another.

* Clumsy, poor balance, or bumps into things.

* Sudden mood changes & temper tantrums.






In this video training below, the founder of Resilient Little Hearts, Sarah Boyd, interviews Wendy Bertagnole.

Wendy is a parenting coach who specializes in helping parents understand and address challenging behavior (especially for children with sensory differences).

To access Wendy’s free resource, THE SENSORY SYSTEM WORKBOOK, CLICK HERE


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Raising A Highly Sensitive Child Guide