Visual Routine Charts

Routines provide a sense of certainty for children. When these routines disappear, the uncertainty can create higher levels of anxiety for a child.

We have created free daily & weekly visual routine charts. Simply download, print & fill it in as detailed as works for your family.


Raising A Highly Sensitive Child Guide

Raising a highly sensitive child is not for the faint-hearted. It can feel frustrating & heart-breaking to know how to support them.

This in-depth guide will deepen your understanding of high sensitivity, & show you how to raise your highly sensitive child to be confident & brave.


Family Crisis Guide

Unexpected change, challenging situations, or devastating loss are all times when we find we are forced to navigate through a time of crisis.

Navigating a crisis is not the same as navigating normal life.

This guide will share with you the 10 principles you need to navigate a crisis, in a way that will bring your family closer together.


5 Proven Ways To Build Resilience In Your Child

This short guide will share with you 5 practical & proven strategies based on neuroscience research, that you can use to develop resilience & emotional intelligence in your children.


5 Powerful Phrases To Calm Your Anxious Child

When your child is highly emotional or anxious, it can be hard to know what to say in order to comfort them.

This short guide will share 5 powerful phrases that will help you to connect with your child & reduce their anxious moments.