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‘The Boy Who Stood Up Tall’ children’s picture book about courage follows the journey of a little boy with a sensitive soul, who learns to stand up to his fears & something magical happens.

This book teaches children the psychology-based principles of how to overcome their fears.



The Boy Who Stood Up Tall is now available wherever books are sold.


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This masterclass will explain the psychology behind a child experiencing fear, & give you the practical strategies to help them overcome their fears.


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What parents are saying about the book...

“It is such a beautiful story. When children realize they’re not alone in their fears, it takes some of the power away; & that’s what this book does. This book is a gift to all children, but especially for those struggling with fear.” Rachel

“This is a resource for our whole family… I’ve never found a book like this before.” April

“I absolutely adore this book! It was such a great story to read with my 5 year old daughter. After reading the book she told me “mom when I’m afraid I’m going to stand up tall too”. It’s a wonderful story about facing fears and anxiety. A must read for all children. It’s one of those books you’ll read over and over as a constant reminder to your children about standing tall against their fears.” Jen

Meet Sarah

Sarah Boyd is the author of The Boy Who Stood Up Tall & the founder of Resilient Little Hearts.

With her educational background in psychology & neuroscience, and her life experience as a cancer survivor, Sarah created Resilient Little Hearts as a resource to equip children to develop important life skills.

Sarah is an Aussie, living in California with her husband & two young children.

Now Available wherever Books are Sold